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Become an Outdoor Madrassah Practitioner

Become an Outdoor Madrassah Practitioner

In this course, the vast classroom of the great outdoors serves as both mentor and muse, guiding us towards a deeper, interconnected understanding of our surroundings and our faith.  After this course (and a practical assessment), you will be able to run your own outdoor madrassahs for children.

 4 hourly sessions @ £55 (recordings available) (further practical and syllabus available to purchase)

Suitable for muslim scout leaders, forest school practitioners, and muslim home schoolers with an interest in the outdoors from an islamic perspective

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1 The importance of understanding the current worldview 2 Intro to Systems Thinking 3 Intro to Nature Connectedness 

3 Intro to Nature Connectedness continued 4 Intro to Sit Spot Nature Practices 5 Importance of the Nature Development Journal 

6 Exploring Forests 7 Intro to an understanding of Surah Ibrahim 8 The Quran and Fractal Patterns 9  What is One Eyed in End of Times 

10 Planning an Enquiry of Learning 11 How to create ideas for enquiries of learning? 12 Learning the principles of nature.

13 Applying Principles of Nature to Learning


To learn more about Becoming an Outdoor Madrassah Practitioner, contact Sister Hafsa, our Hearts SEE Training Coordinator: 07974747180.

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