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Hearts SEE

Off-Grid Living & Sustainable Communities

Off-Grid Living & Sustainable Communities

Step onto a path less trodden, where the rhythms of nature and the allure of self-sufficiency beckon. This course sheds light on the essence of off-grid living, a lifestyle that's fast becoming a topic of resonance among Muslim communities, especially against the backdrop of prophetic wisdom.


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Week One

Foundation of Off-Grid Life: Journey into the core ethos of off-grid living, exploring its rising resonance among Muslim communities and the deep reflections it provokes regarding prophetic wisdom about the End of Times. This week also illuminates the diverse manifestations of off-grid living and underscores the importance of meticulously planned survival strategies.


    Week Two

    Blueprinting Your Off-Grid Journey: Navigate the foundational "Zone 00" as you chart your personal path towards self-sustainability. This week encourages introspection on personal aspirations, a deep dive into the potential challenges of an off-grid lifestyle, and an emphasis on the indispensable nature of ecological literacy.


    Week Three

    Crafting Your Off-Grid Skillset: Arm yourself with vital skills, from the intricate art of permaculture and the ancient craft of beekeeping to the practicalities of animal husbandry, encompassing chickens, quails, ducks, geese, goats, and cattle.

    This module culminates with insights into the age-old practice of falconry, the protective companionship of dogs, and a close look at the local Hearts SEE Community's market garden project — a living testament to self-sustainable ethos.


    To learn more about Off-Grid Living & Sustainable Communities, contact Sister Hafsa, our Hearts SEE Training Coordinator: 07974747180.

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