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Hearts SEE

How the Natural World teaches us Islam

How the Natural World teaches us Islam

4 hourly sessions (£40- recordings coming soon)



1Islam in relation to cosmos/the natural world and divine order.  

2natures patterns and behaviour patterns  

3Arabic terms (ayah/surah) and their lessons in relation to signs in the written Quran and the Cosmic Quran  

4divine system of the universe and its lessons for man on earth. 

5relationship between the first revelation of Iqra and its relationship with Understanding (Fiqh) 

6  Sunnah of Allah SWT (Universal Laws)  

7 left verses right brain hemispheres and its connection with the current worldview.  

8 Transition and transformation connecting to the mission of Nabi SAW  

9 how to read the Ayat in the Quran and the universe. 

10 we look at purification of the self and the outer and the purpose of us on earth.



To learn more about How the Natural World teaches us Islam, contact Sister Hafsa, our Hearts SEE Training Coordinator: 07974747180.

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