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Beekeeping from an Islamic Perspective

Beekeeping from an Islamic Perspective

Step into the vibrant world of bees and uncover the secrets of nature's most industrious pollinators. Over the span of three weeks, we'll take you from the basics of bee biology to the sweet satisfaction of maintaining a thriving hive.

 3 hourly sessions £30 recordings available


1Learn about Bees 

2The Science of Bees 

3The Life  of Bees 

4About Beekeeping 

5Your first Beehive 



8Starting your Beehive 

9Healthy Beehive 

10Inspecting your Beehive 

11Reaping your Reward


To learn more about Traditional Beekeeping from an Islamic Perspective, contact Sister Hafsa, our Hearts SEE Training Coordinator: 07974747180.

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