United Kingdom

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Gloucestershire lies the heart and headquarters of Hearts SEE. This serene corner of the United Kingdom is where our vision, mission, and dreams for a harmonious world intertwine with the lush surroundings.


Sheikh Muhammed Foulds, Founder

Our founder, Sheikh Muhammed Foulds, has chosen this tranquil setting as his residence, further cementing the UK's role as the epicentre of our global initiatives. Guided by his visionary leadership, the organization thrives, inspired by the blend of natural beauty and a rich tapestry of diverse cultures that the UK offers.


Sister Hafsa Dar, Training Coordinator

Supporting our mission and ensuring the smooth transition of our teachings into actionable courses and events is Sister Hafsa, our esteemed Training Coordinator. Her dedication mirrors that of our founder, and together they work towards nurturing and expanding the Hearts SEE community in the UK.

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