Review 1
Salams hope everyone got home safely inshallah. It was so lovely meeting everyone yesterday. Such a blessing to be in the company of like minded people 😍. Hopefully we could all stay in touch and support each other.
Jzk @⁨Mohammad Foulds⁩ for creating a wonderful space and passing these pearls knowledge down
Jzk @⁨Hafsa⁩ for coordinating
Jzk @⁨anonymous⁩ for passing on the opportunity to be part of this wonderful course
I pray Allah forgive me and bless you all 🤲🏿
Review 2
Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah,
I just wanted to thank Shaykhana for the beautiful experience yesterday there were so many wow and SubhaanAllaah moments. May Allah bless our Shaykh and grant us lots more opportunities to come together in such blessed companionship.
It was so lovely to meet all of you and and share your interests. So much good work being done and so much to learn from you all Allaahumma Baarik.
And a big Jazaakillaahu Khair to sis Hafsa for bringing us together!
Review 3
Assalamu alaikum wrwb
I pray everyone is well!
I wanted to ask if the Gloucester weekend camp I still going ahead. When we were talking yesterday, I think everyone was interested in it and wanted more information. I think especially after yesterday's experience and being in sheikhs inspiring company, many of us were interested.
I thank you all! I learnt so much from every single person. Yesterday was truly an amazing experience.
JazakumuAllaahu khairan ustaadh for everything you gifted us yesterday. I felt blessed to be a part of it alhamdulillah! May Allaah grant you much barakah in everything that you do and allow you to reach all your great endeavours
JazakaAllaahu khairan,
Review 4
Wa alaikum Salam
It was a pleasure to meet you Shaykh and to be in your company. It was a really inspiring day.
May Allah put so much more barakah into the Hearts SEE project. Will subscribe and share
In shaa Allah 🤲🏼
Review 5
Also just want tk say a massive jazakum allah khair for the good company, the motivation to get through the rain and see it through , special thanks to @⁨Hafsa⁩ and brother abdurahman for the great organisation and making us feel welcome, and lastly sheikh Foulds, @⁨Mohammad Foulds⁩
Jazakallah khair for your time and energy, i cant even put into words how inspired i am and how much food for thought this experience has given me, theres so much i want to change and so much j want to go out and SEE so a big jazakallah khair and i will be keeping in touch!!
May allah reward you all immensly and always unite us in goodness
Review 6
I missed it all!
InshaAllaah next time!
Alhamdulillah so glad to have made it to the one in Ruislip. I feel regular training will help us share our experiences and more ideas on how to deliver the sessions InshaAllaah
So excited to be a part of this❤️
Thats all sis in sha Allah