Essential Reading

Books are gateways to worlds unknown, shedding light on intricate thoughts, profound wisdom, and innovative perspectives.

Here, we've curated a selection of 5 indispensable books that act as touchstones in our shared exploration of faith, nature, and interconnectedness. These texts have been chosen not just for their content, but for their capacity to awaken the reader, offering insights that resonate deeply and echo long after the final page is turned.


Iain McGilchrist

The Master and His Emissary

For the discerning student of Hearts SEE, "The Master and His Emissary" is not just a recommendation, but an essential read. Professor Iain McGilchrist delves deep into the intricacies of our brain hemispheres, unveiling a shift since the 16th and 17th centuries. This transformation has conditioned humanity to perceive, interact, and think through a decidedly reductionist lens, influencing not just personal beliefs but also broader societal, political, educational, and business perspectives. McGilchrist argues that the left brain's dominance played a pivotal role in shaping the birth and trajectory of Western Civilization.



Waqqas Ahmed

The Modern Polymath

"The Modern Polymath" is a foundational text that encapsulates the core aims and objectives of Hearts SEE. Waqqas Ahmed masterfully delves into the 'Crisis of Perception', highlighting the stark contrasts in our worldview influenced by the rise of Western Civilization. This essential read beckons us to return to a more holistic, interconnected way of seeing and thinking, reminiscent of times before the dominance of Western thought paradigms. A guiding beacon for those striving to align with the vision and mission of Hearts SEE.


Dr Anna Lembke

Dopamine Nation

This book looks at the issue of modern secular society that is controlling the youth pf today through the human chemical dopamine and its devasting impact its happening on the human mind.



Richard Louv

Last Child in the Woods

This book shows how chldren have been increasingly disconnected from the natural world.  It looks at how and why this has taken place and the need to restore the connection.



Laura Dodsworth & Patrick Fagan

Free your Mind

This book is key to the jogsaw puzzle of understanding the global battle of Iblees which is a battle of hearts and minds.  It shows how the ummah must control the narrative and the key is moving into te right brain hemisphere thinking away from the master which is controlling the wordlview which is left brain hemisphere in ll walks of life.