Bangladesh & Asia

In the verdant landscapes of Bangladesh, Hearts SEE's mission finds a unique resonance, serving as a pivotal hub for our initiatives throughout the Asia region.


Brother Hamidur Rahman, Co-ordinator for Bangladesh & Asia 

Brother Hamidur embodies the synergy of technical expertise and sustainable practices. With a BSc in Marine Engineering from the esteemed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, his foundation in technical disciplines is robust. His tenure as a marine engineer for the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation has further honed his capabilities.

Yet, his journey didn't end with the seas. Drawn to the earth and its sustainable future, Brother Hamidur ventured into the realms of permaculture and natural farming. Armed with a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Blue Mountain Permaculture Institute in Australia and insights from the Natural Farming Course at Smell of the Earth Natural Farm in East Bengal, India, he is deeply entrenched in initiatives that aim for a harmonious coexistence with nature.

His collaborative projects with the Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development and his involvement with Permaculture for Refuge initiatives further underline his commitment to ecological balance.

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