Aligning Divine Order with Nature 

Embark on a journey where faith and nature intertwine.

At Hearts SEE, we illuminate pathways that beckon the soul towards a harmonious existence, firmly rooted in the Divine's blueprint and the vast canvas of nature.

Our five guiding principles serve as beacons for your individual and our communal transition and transformation, following the path of Nabi SAW in his approach given by Allah SWT.


Sheikh Muhammed Foulds: Bridging Faith with Nature's Marvels

Sheikh Muhammed Foulds, the visionary founder of Hearts SEE, embarked on a transformative journey that weaves a tapestry of faith, nature, and knowledge. In the picturesque landscapes of SW Arabia, while engaged in wildlife research for the Saudi wildlife department, a former Christian minister found his heart's calling and embraced Islam in 2000.

With an academic background as a Raptor Biologist from the University of Wales and a Human Ecologist from the University of Derby, his devotion to nature is profound. His passion took flight as a professional falconer, nurturing this craft for over two decades. This expertise led him to prestigious roles, notably as the Director of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and the Head of Conservation and Education across numerous UK-based zoos and parks.

Sheikh Muhammed's adventures extended to the African savannah, where he honed his skills as a professional Safari guide and tracker in the heart of South Africa. Further deepening his connection to the natural world, he conducted pivotal MPhil research into the magnificent Eurasian Griffon Vulture in Arabia.

But his quest for knowledge wasn’t confined to the realm of nature. He pursued rigorous Islamic studies, completing the Aalim course from Dar-ul-Uloom Azaadville in South Africa and achieving a BA (Hons) in Islamic Sciences from the London Muslim College. This academic journey was complemented by three intensive years of Advanced Arabic and Quranic Studies at the Gloucester Islamic Academy.

Today, Sheikh Muhammed Foulds holds a revered position as the Head Imam and Principal of Religious Affairs for the UK Prison Service, inspiring many and guiding souls to harmonize their faith with nature's marvels.

 Shiekh Foulds is predominantly from a Hanafi background but has studied under many ulema including Shafi, Maliki and a few Hanbali.

His Aqeedah is sound on Quran and Sunnah and sunnah from the first three generations of the companions.

He is currently working on a few projects with different institutes and Ulema, including the Harmony Project and The Maqasid Institute, to include leading a new Fiqh on Al-Kawn.