Read: Iain McGilchrist

Read: Iain McGilchrist

Essential Insights with Iain McGilchrist: Three Books to Illuminate Your Path

As we seek to understand our ever-evolving world, Iain McGilchrist's profound works stand out. He meticulously unravels the psyche's complexities, revealing pivotal insights into humanity's progression of thought since the 16th century.

Having worked closely with Professor McGilchrist, Sheikh Muhammed Foulds came to realize how his research sheds light on the strategies of Iblees influencing our perceptions. This understanding underscores the urgency of "Re-Wiring" - a central principle of Hearts SEE. Embracing this allows us to perceive our environment through a Qur'anic lens.

Here are three transformative reads by Iain McGilchrist to guide your quest:

  1. The Matter with Things
  2. The Master and His Emissary

These books are more than textual explorations; they are invitations to a journey of profound understanding, helping you navigate our intricate world with an enlightened view.


Knowledge is a beacon, illuminating the path ahead

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