Hearts SEE Bangladesh: Episode 1 & 2

Hearts SEE Bangladesh: Episode 1 & 2

At the heart of every transformative change lies dialogue – conversations that span boundaries and merge experiences. With that ethos, Hearts SEE Bangladesh presents its ongoing series: Permaculture Talks.

This series assembles practitioners from different backgrounds, each burning with a shared vision: reshaping the world, one sustainable practice at a time. While the discussions cover a global canvas, a unique spotlight shines on Bangladesh. It offers both local enthusiasts and international permaculture teachers a lens to the nation's perspectives and challenges.


Episode 01: From Blue Mountains to the Heart of Bangladesh

Our inaugural episode features a dialogue between Rosemary Morrow, an acclaimed author, permaculture design teacher, and re-localization advocate, and Brother Hamidur Rahman, the dynamic coordinator of Hearts SEE for the Bangladesh and Asia Region.

Rosemary, with her rich tapestry of experiences detailed on Blue Mountains Permaculture, is matched in enthusiasm and expertise by Brother Hamidur, an alumnus of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University and a trained marine engineer.

Together, they discuss pressing issues of global importance, especially resonating with the current state of Bangladesh. 


Episode 02: Permaculture - a Global and Local Confluence

Our second episode is a discussion of permaculture in Bangla for our Bengali audience. Complementing him, Sheikh Muhammed Foulds sharing his perspective on social permaculture in English.

This dual narrative ensures a holistic understanding, catering to a diverse audience. Join us as we meander through these enlightening dialogues, each episode a beacon of knowledge and a harbinger of a more sustainable future.


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